School Supporters


Автор: Founder

Thank you Hostiso for supporting our mission, our website and just for being a great hosting company!


Автор: Founder

ProxyRack opened a new world of possibilities for us in terms of marketing and promo for our cause! We greately appreciate their help!


Автор: Founder

Thanks to the team of unique app Multiloginapp we can now easily manage several social accounts together as a team and not be afraid of bans. It is super-convenient and user-friendly!


Автор: Founder

CosmoProxy sopports us greately by providing us with concept of dynamic ips for our IT classroom. This helps children learn about online identity and how sites can teat different countries differently.


Автор: Founder

Thanks to this Crm System now we are much more organized and do things much more efficiently. Convenience at its best!


Автор: Founder

zapierWe use Zapier automation for better documents order and easier communication, it boosts our productivity and takes away routine!


Автор: Founder


We use help of CloudHq to backup our files among cloud accounts.




Автор: Founder

-Fantastic widgets for website! They really help us to show only relevant content to interested people and not annoy others. Also they have integration with Zapier and it is super cool!


Автор: Founder

We use mail tracking app form! It will help us to better communicate with our parents and improve our productivity!  


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